Sungods Superfoods philosophy is simple; our products are nutrient rich whole foods that are best produced by using organic agricultural methods with minimal processing and focusing on both food safety and nutrition. Sungods Superfoods believe this is essential to retain a global sustainable environment, as well as good health for our consumers who purchase our products.   Sungods Superfoods is an avid supporter of FAIR TRADE and we are pleased to be supporting the agricultural industries in the countries where we purchase our products from. We are aware that our modern diet is not serving us well and more and more of us are succumbing to chronic diseases as a result of our diet, these diseases are Cancer’s, Diabetes, Glaucoma and Heart Diseases are just some examples.   At Sungods Superfoods we are dedicated to helping people understand there is a better way…..and its not complicated. We provide all the extensive information on all of our products and also recipes to assist our consumers to introduce these superfoods into their daily diet.  
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  Our products are packaged in Quality Assured ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP Ver.2003 conditions to provide healthy standards to our consumers.