About Us

Sungods Superfoods was formed in 2010, after many years of research and trying to source quality products on the market with no luck, my wife and I started looking for nutritional products such as Superfoods in which we were not happy with the quality of products on the market and decided to source them ourselves from quality sources from around the world.
My wife and I have been to many seminars from people around the world on health and nutrition and decided it was an opportunity for us to try and change the Australian diet of processed foods, and unhealthy living.

The population is becoming overweight and unhealthy and we are becoming a sick nation, all from the lack of nutritional food in our diet. Most being are eating the wrong foods and wonder they are continuously sick or fighting diseases or overweight.
Our mission is to provide premium organic functional foods that increase energy and enhance health.

Part of this effort is to continually search for the world’s most beneficial natural foods.

We specialise in organic nutritional foods, and strive to lead the industry in this expanding market. Health conscious consumers choose our nutrient-rich products because they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Our premium quality “superfoods” are always free of additives and trans fats; the absence of these elements speaking to the purity and effectiveness of the products.


Sungods Superfoods philosophy is simple; our products are nutrient rich whole foods that are best produced by using organic agricultural methods with minimal processing and focusing on both food safety and nutrition. Sungods Superfoods believe this is essential to retain a global sustainable environment, as well as good health for the ones who wish to consume our products.

Majority of people are aware that our modern diet is not serving us well and more and more of us are succumbing to chronic diseases as a result of our diet, these diseases are Cancer’s, Diabetes, Glaucoma and Heart Diseases are just some examples.

At Sungods Superfoods we are dedicated to helping people understand there is a better way…. and it’s not complicated.  We provide all the extensive information on all of our products and also recipes to assist our consumers to introduce these superfoods into their daily diet.

Our products are packaged in Quality Assured ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP Ver.2003 conditions to provide healthy standards to our consumers.

We provide products such as;

Goji Berries                  Golden Berries             Cacao Powder              Cacao Nibs

Coconut Oil                  Bee Pollen                    Extreme Maca Powder

Chia Seeds                   Maca Powder               MSM              Coconut Palm Sugar

Plus many more to come………………