Balinese Sea Salt

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Country Of Origin: Indonesia – Bali

Hollow Balinese Pyramid Salt harvested by Hand

What is Balinese Sea Salt?

Coarse Grain “Hollow Pyramids” Crystals are the natural product of the cool, windy days marking the end of the monsoon rains. Fragile crystals are gently scooped from the surface of the brine to dry in the exposed wind and sun. The traditional harvest creates salt crystals formed in miniature hollow pyramids that display a truly distinctive texture and subtle flavour like no other salt.
Balinese Pyramid Salt comes from the beaches around the base of Gunung Agung, Bali’s largest active volcano, and draws upon a 900 year tradition of salt farming. This unique region along Bali’s eastern coastline is home to salt water with an unusual chemistry, occurring when cold water from the north mixes with warm tropical water in the Lombok Straight to create salt with a mild and sweet flavour you will also be supporting fair trade, the people who have dedicated their lives with integrity so you can taste the difference!


How is it made ?

Wind and water join to create a natural union that determines the unique crystal character of each salt grain.

This is a smaller coarse grain that is the result of periods of hot mornings and rainy afternoons.

The work begins in the misty, early hours of the morning, when the sun is still yawning. The farmers rake the sand gently and sprinkle it lightly with water.

A thin crust forms which is gently scooped up and tipped into the first of a series of coconut trunks that resemble a woody mouse-trap game (remember that one!). The filtering journey ends with a pool of concentrated salt water. The thick salt water is collected and poured into open-air trays and left to evaporate, relying on the heat of the fierce sun and gusty winds. Once the water has evaporated, the salt is crushed and ground without further refiningfarmers harvest natural sea salt under the swaying coconut palms. Seawater is evaporated in covered vessels under the tropical sun to reveal a unique white salt of exceptionally pure and simple flavor.

The production of premium sea salt takes time and attention to detail. Each small batch of Balinese Sea Salt requires two weeks of hand panning and grading to produce.

The high levels of natural minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and iodine, add to the complexity. In fact, it is said that unrefined sea salt contains up to 84 minerals and trace minerals; all the body needs for optimal functioning. And a dash of Balinese sea salt will transform any dish salt uses

Serving suggestion : Throw it liberally on vine-ripened tomatoes, fat avocados, into salad dressing, curries and even sweet dishes. over foccacia Balinese Sea Salt is for use in roasting or curing meats and can be used for grinding in a salt mill. Most versatile salt crystal and can be used everywhere from preparation, to finishing, to the table. Perfect for salt crusts over shellfish and fish, or try sprinkling over fresh pizzas or herbed focaccia to add wonderful texture.


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