Coconut Oil

September 20, 2010

Country Of Origin: Philippines

What can Coconut Oil Do:

The many benefits of coconut oil are finally reaching the mainstream and include:

  • Promoting your heart health
  • Promoting weight loss Supporting your immune system health
  • Supporting a healthy metabolism
  • Providing you with an immediate energy source
  • Helping to keep your skin healthy and youthful looking
  • Supporting the proper functioning of your thyroid gland
  • Coconut oil is heart healthy. Most of the saturated fatty acids in coconut oil are of the MCFA (medium-chain fatty acid variety). Unlike the more common long-chain fatty acids found in most meats and plants, these fatty acids are not absorbed directly into the bloodstream and, therefore, do not directly raise blood fat levels or contribute to cardiovascular disease. The MCFA in coconut oil are absorbed straight into the portal vein and sent directly to the liver. In the liver they are metabolised like carbohydrates, yielding energy and, as an added benefit ,it stimulatesmetabolism

The Many Uses of Coconut Oil – Cooking & Eating, Skincare, Massage and More

Uses for virgin coconut oil with both a pleasant scent and taste include:

  • In place of other oils (margarine, butter, shortening) for all cooking needs, as it is a stable cooking oil. (Of course, you should not burn any cooking oil.)
  • As an ingredient when juicing or making smoothies
  • In salads, or even by the tablespoon
  • As an excellent massage oil
  • As a skin lotion for healthier, younger skin.

Sungods Superfoods organic coconut oil is:

  • No refining
  • No chemicals added
  • No bleaching
  • No deodorization
  • No hydrogenation
  • Non-GMO
  • Certified organic